MTP’s e-books have mostly been proofread by volunteers and then post-produced (HTML formatting, checks, etc.) by me (Tom). At this point, pretty much every clearly out-of-copyright church book that I would personally be likely to read (or have a desire to post-process) has been done, so I am not currently soliciting help with proofreading.

However, if your view of what early Church stuff ought to be up on PG is more expansive than mine and you have an out-of-copyright book you’d like to produce, I would be happy to get you started. I have some decent training materials on everything from proofreading to PG processes to HTML. For your first 300-page book project, you should plan to invest perhaps 30-50 hours of work. If you knock out a couple books and get the hang of post-production, I might even be able to recruit you a proofreader or two.

If that sounds good, please get in touch!

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