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New Release: “Scraps of Biography”, Faith-Promoting Series Book #10

Scraps of Biography is an anthology containing autobiographies of Daniel Tyler and Newel Knight and a biography of John Tanner, and it’s a fascinating little window into the early Church.

John Tanner is famous for following a prompting to Kirtland and arriving just in time to redeem the mortgage on the Temple plot. That story is recounted here, along with some other interesting tidbits–for example, the account notes that “He aided very materially in the building of the Nauvoo Temple, from the commencement until its completion; and after it was dedicated he received therein his endowments, sealings and second anointing.”

Tyler, born in 1816 and baptized 1833, recounts his conversion, experiences in the Kirtland Temple, and missions, including his involvement in the conversion of Karl G. Maeser (of BYU fame) during his mission to Switzerland.

Newel Knight is a better-known figure, born in 1800 and baptized immediately after the organization of the Church in 1830. The highlights of his account include his eyewitness account of a couple of trials and acquittals of Joseph Smith and his discussion of his experiences with the Colesville branch in Missouri and elsewhere.

Like most of the other books in the Faith-Promoting Series, this ran to about 100 pages and is an easy Sunday afternoon read. Have a look.