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New Release: “Scrap Book of Mormon Literature” vol. 1

Are you pathetically ignorant of early Church pamphlets? Or, getting past pathetic ignorance into more of an ashamed, repentant ignorance, maybe you have thought “Hmmm, based on the importance of pamphlets in early Church history, I wish there was a selection of them that I could read. Ideally it would be chosen by someone early enough in Church history to be close to the pamphlet tradition, but who lived late enough to have a broad selection to choose from. I’d also want the person choosing them to have a boots-on-the-ground perspective on real missionary pamphlet usage and which pamphlets were effective or worth reading. Basically I really wish I could get a mission president in perhaps the early 1900s to select a few dozen pamphlets for me to read, and get them on my Kindle.”

Well, President Ben E. Rich of the Eastern States Mission has got you covered, and the first volume of his Scrap Book of Mormon Literature (first published 1911) is now available on Project Gutenberg. It contains 38 pamphlets by the likes of B. H. Roberts, Orson Pratt, Lorenzo Snow, George Q. Cannon, Orson Hyde, Charles W. Penrose, John Morgan, etc. etc. Volume 2 has been available for a while too (e-book, post on its contents).

Thanks to Renah Holmes for proofreading this one.

New Release: “The Plan of Salvation” by John Morgan

This enormously influential missionary tract was written by John Morgan, onetime President of the Southern States Mission, General Authority, and Union Army soldier. We produced it largely because the knowledgeable folks over at Keepapitchinin are interested in it (see comments on this article). Apparently millions of copies were printed over the course of more than a century after the pamphlet was first introduced in the Southern States Mission in the early 1880s.

I think it offers an interesting comparison with the current pamphlet on the plan of salvation, and both are reasonably short. Have a read.

Thanks to Villate Brown McKitrick and Jared Ure, one of our summer interns, for producing this book.