Tom Nysetvold, the current volunteer Director of the Mormon Texts Project, is a mechanical engineer involved in the oil refining industry who likes to read old books in his spare time. He’s a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and served for two years in the Brazil São Paulo South Mission. He’s married to the beautiful and extremely supportive Elissa Nysetvold.

Past Staff

Steven Fluckiger and Mariah Averett did excellent work in their respective tenures as Research Assistants.

Nichole Eck supplied valuable expertise as a Supervising Editor during past internship programs.

Past Summer Interns

  • Mariah Averett (2014)
  • Max Cook (2014)
  • Jared Ure (2014)
  • Heidi Billy (2014)
  • Emma Cahoon (2014)
  • Samuel Shreeve (2014)
  • Kimball Gardner (2014)
  • Steven Fluckiger (2015)
  • Shawnee Hawkes (2015)
  • Christopher Dunn (2015)
  • Holly Astle (2015)
  • McKayla Hansen (2015)
  • Margaret Willden (2015)
  • Lauren McGuinness (2015)
  • Tyler Garrett (2015)
  • Katie Liston (2015)

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