MTP has in the past offered volunteer online internships, for which students at Brigham Young University and Utah State University could receive academic credit. Due to time constraints, we do not expect to offer an internship program this year. However, this page, preserved for history, offers a brief overview of the internship program, and students with strong relevant background (e.g. knowledge of HTML or copyright law) are welcome to get in touch.


To offer students an opportunity to learn and practice text preparation and proofreading skills while producing free electronic texts of historical and spiritual significance and lasting value.

General Description

The Mormon Texts Project (MTP) Internship Program offers interns an opportunity to produce at least one complete electronic version of a major Church text that was previously not freely and conveniently available. MTP will discuss current priorities with prospective interns in an effort to assign each intern a project of both personal interest and general value. Interns will manage their projects from beginning to end, and scheduled training will mirror project progression. Interns will:

  • Demonstrate and document the public domain status of an early Church text
  • Perform automated cleanup of a potentially low-quality (e.g. OCR) source text
  • Perform a first pass proofreading and formatting of the text
  • Perform at least one complete further proofreading
  • Receive regular feedback on their proofreading and other work
  • Postprocess their completed text to produce HTML, Kindle, and other formats
  • Submit their completed text to Project Gutenberg


Each intern will:

  • Publish at least one entire work through the prestigious Project Gutenberg (PG). They will be credited as the producer of the book and will be welcome to use it as part of a professional portfolio.
  • Understand how to verify and document whether or not a text is in the public domain.
  • Gain text pre- and post-processing skills essential to modern electronic publishing.
  • Acquire firsthand experience in the exact reproduction of historical texts
  • Gain all the skills necessary to produce electronic texts independently, offering them both unique opportunities for lifelong volunteer service and skills with potential commercial value.

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